How To Upgrade Your PTE Score Grade In 48 Hours in Australia Or New Zealand

It’s very important to score the best grade for the PTE Academic test certificate before applying to study in Australia, New Zealand, and other English-speaking Universities. We are going to show you How To Upgrade Your PTE Score Grade In 48 Hours in Australia Or New Zealand. This can be done directly online.

Why Upgrading Your PTE Score Grade

Studying abroad is a big dream for many young students. PTE Test Examination Certificate score plays a major role in your admission into foreign universities. If you want to be sure or increase your chances of being admitted then you must ensure to score very good grades. In the case, in the end, your grades from the examination are not good, then the next option will certainly be to improve or upgrade your PTE score grade which can be done within 48 hours.

PTE examination scores are rated from 10 to 90. But yet there is no particular grade that can be considered a valid grade as you just need to do your best as it’s a matter of competition at the level of the universities. If you are ever looking for How To Upgrade Your PTE Score Grade In 48 Hours in Australia Or New Zealand you are at the right place. We are going to assist you to score the best grade that no university can reject because of your English Proficiency.

How To Upgrade Your PTE Score Grade In 48 Hours in Australia Or New Zealand

At first, you will have to trust us. We cannot give you every detail of information on How To Upgrade Your PTE Score Grade In 48 Hours in Australia Or New Zealand. But what you need to understand is that we are a team of educators, but we understand the difficulty in gaining admission abroad. We also understand the frustration experienced after scoring a poor grade in the PTE examination.

Sometimes not everybody got the time to write exams repeatedly and sometimes your program might be catching up with you. In such a case, the best option is to improve or upgrade your score on the already obtained score. It’s such a simple task as your name is already registered in the system.

Over the years our team has successfully built relationships with different PTE examination centers. This permits us to have insiders in almost every examination center that carries us the favor of upgrading our PTE Certificate score at any moment that need be. We that we are 100% sure of upgrading your scores and getting them registered into the system so and can be verified correctly from anywhere. Just contact us and an agent will respond to you and guide you through the entire process.

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Our goal is for to candidates get admission into any university of their choice. English proficiency test scores should not be a hindrance.

How To Upgrade Your PTE Score Grade In 48 Hours in Australia Or New Zealand

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Rescoring the PTE Score?

If candidates are unsatisfied with their PTE Score they can request a rescore. However, since the PTE Academic is a computer-scored test, the chance of an error is highly minimalized. Only spoken responses and open-ended written responses are rescored. Candidates can only request a rescore for their most recent PTE Academic Test and candidates are barred from requesting a rescore if they have already either scheduled another test or sent their score to an institution. In the event the score changes, the new score will replace the previous score and the original score report will be reissued to reflect the new score.

How To Upgrade Your PTE Score Grade In 48 Hours in Australia Or New Zealand

How is the PTE exam scored (Section-wise)

The various sections in the PTE exam, (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) are scored on a scale of 10 – 90 where 10 is the lowest, with increments of 1 point. Graded on the scale, the score showcases the person’s ability to read, speak, understand verbal instructions, and write the English language. The overall score reflects your overall English language ability. The scores are presented in a graph, giving an easy understanding of the candidate’s core skills in the language as well as improvement areas.

PTE Examination Grading Chart

Proficiency LevelPTE Band Score
Very Good79
Very Good83

How To Improve The PTE Score Efficiently And Easily?

After scoring a poor grade in case you fill that you still have the capacity to study and make it through we shall still help you for free. There are 15 things you need to do in order to make it big on the second trial.

Pursuing higher education in a foreign university is a goal of almost every student. To achieve this goal, students take the PTE examination. However, most students find it difficult to score well on their PTE exams. The reason behind it is a lack of practice, confidence, and required skill sets. To help such students, here we have created a PTE study plan for 30 days, including all necessary steps and tips that students must follow while preparing for the PTE exam. 

Here are some tips that you must adopt to score with flying colors on the PTE examination: 

1)Practice PTE academic mock tests

Attend online PTE mock test sessions daily to enhance your score. Take notes of your score and focus on those areas in which you are scoring less during practice sessions. Make sure to avoid distractions while taking the test. 

You can contact us to get past questions and answers and even to get current questions and answers.

2)Work on your vocabulary

Improving vocabulary is a hard nut to crack for a PTE candidate. To resolve this, you must read content as much as you can and try to learn at least 20 words a day to enhance your vocabulary. 

3)Prepare a study schedule

Make a study schedule and stick to it for more comprehensive preparation for the examination.

4)Analyze your weaknesses

Make sure to determine your weakness while giving mock tests. Mark the questions that you answer incorrectly or could not attempt in the PTE academic mock test. Take out some time to resolve your queries and doubts in order to convert all your weaknesses into strengths. 

5)Focus on your writing skills

Work on your writing skills by summarizing paragraphs. Try to maintain the brevity of your content by staying clear, and concise yet informative. 

6)Use flashcards

Flashcards are the most effective ways to remember new things. Prepare a set of PTE vernal and vocabulary flashcards of difficult things that are not easy to remember. This will help you in your preparation for your exam. 

7)Stay motivated

Stay focused to achieve well in the PTE exam. Don’t let anything ruin your preparation. Learn from the mistakes, and don’t let low scores pull you down. 

8)Practice speaking in English

If you want to speak fluent English then you must start speaking in English to your friends and family. Stay calm while you speak and avoid awkward or long pauses.

9)Try to concentrate on the listening part 

If you want to score high marks in your PTE exam, then you must learn to listen and understand the English language. You can answer all the questions spontaneously if you can fully grasp and understand the audio clearly. To enhance your practice, you can also take notes while you listen to make sure that you don’t miss out on any word or point. 

10)Start preparing notes of what you learn 

Note down new words, formulas, and other important things that you come across while practicing as it will help you remember difficult things that may come in your exam. Search out new things and take notes to score well in your PTE exam. You can also follow a PTE study plan for 30 days to score exceptionally well in the exam. 

11)PTE Exam Preparation – Practice by Section

It is better to divide your preparation into four parts according to your PTE exam sections which include writing, reading, listening, and speaking. If you prepare section-wise, you will be able to devote an equal amount of time and effort to each section. Before preparing you must consider these things in mind: 

  • You must know your target score
  • Search out and get to know the PTE exam pattern
  • Understand how the PTE exam is scored 
  • Choose your preparation material wisely
  • Be consistent when it comes to practice. 

12)PTE Exam Preparation- Writing Section

This section demands your writing proficiency. In this section, you need to write according to the questions asked and your answers decide your scores. You will be evaluated as per your writing skills. The writing module of the PTE academic is divided into two sections, and to get marks in each section you need to have a good command over your vocabulary and grammar. Follow the below-mentioned tips to score high in your PTE exam: 

  • Try building a strong vocabulary and grammar. Getting 90 out of 90 in the PTE writing section becomes easier if you have a good command of vocabulary and grammar. 
  • Make sure to stay careful with punctuation. 
  • Make sure to capitalize all the nouns and starting words in a sentence. 
  • Don’t use examples in sentences if not asked in your question. 
  • Always write the summary in the third person form and make sure that you avoid the usage of I, Me, We, etc. 
  • Try to write your answer in between 40-45 words. Avoid writing long sentences as it is easier to evaluate short sentences with great accuracy. How To Upgrade Your PTE Score Grade In 48 Hours in Australia Or New Zealand.
  • Summarize each paragraph in a single sentence. 
  • Always write a conclusion in a concise yet informative manner. Make sure that it includes the summary of the text. 

13)PTE Exam Preparation- Reading Section

For the reading section of the PTE exam, you need to have fluency in reading. You must understand the paragraph in one goes while reading to score high in this section. Follow the below-mentioned tips to score well in the reading section of the PTE exam: How To Upgrade Your PTE Score Grade In 48 Hours in Australia Or New Zealand.

  • Make sure to understand the main message of the passage. 
  • Focus on keywords to find the correct answer.
  • Since there is no negative marking in this section, make sure to attempt all the questions. 
  • Adopt the rule of elimination. Narrow down your options to score well. 
  • Read the question before you read the passage. How To Upgrade Your PTE Score Grade In 48 Hours in Australia Or New Zealand.
  • Remember the information in the passage to answer questions accordingly. 
  • Learn to paraphrase to define answers using different words. 

14)PTE Exam Preparation- Speaking Section

Acquiring speaking skills is not an overnight task. This will require a lot of practice and effort.  Here are some of the tips that can help you excel in the speaking section of the PTE Academic exam: 

  • It would be better if you increase your tone at the beginning of your sentence and decrease your tone at the end of the sentence. This will make your voice sound authentic and robust. How To Upgrade Your PTE Score Grade In 48 Hours in Australia Or New Zealand.
  • Make sure to not stop while you speak even when you have made a mistake. 
  • Make sure to improve your speaking skills daily while practicing regularly with different tongue twisters. 
  • You can have a good command over your speaking skills if you focus on memorizing the sentences. 
  • There is no indication at the end, so you must speak just after the clip ends. How To Upgrade Your PTE Score Grade In 48 Hours in Australia Or New Zealand
  • If you are unable to remember the entire sentence, focus on keywords and repeat those. 

15)PTE Exam Preparation-  Listening Section

Questions in this PTE exam section are related to video and audio clips. To give answers, you get to listen to each audio or video clip only once. Follow the below-mentioned tips that can help you score well in your listening section of the PTE Academic exam: How To Upgrade Your PTE Score Grade In 48 Hours in Australia Or New Zealand.

  • Pay attention to audio and video clips and listen actively. Learn to listen to English songs by focusing on lyrics and words. This will help you enhance your listening skills in an interesting way. 
  • You can also watch English movies and TV shows with subtitles and then without subtitles to improve your listening skills. How To Upgrade Your PTE Score Grade In 48 Hours in Australia Or New Zealand.
  • Make sure to avoid questions you don’t understand because every question has a negative marking. 
  • Listening to new content will help you enhance your vocabulary which, in turn, helps you accelerate your understanding of spoken English while listening.  
  • Make sure to stay focussed till the end as the answers could be in the end.
  • It is better if you read questions before you listen to audio or video clips. 

With the above-mentioned guide PTE study plan and tips, you will surely score well in your PTE examination. Make sure to practice regularly and maintain consistency to achieve the ladder of success. For more help, directly contact us 

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